Business Process Management & Improvement

A business process is a collection of activities that takes any number of inputs that creates an output of measured value for the customer. When combined within a business strategy, all the processes represent the total work conducted by an organisation. MCG has focussed its business process management skills to enable executives and managers to operate a corporate entity through workflows: processes, inputs and outputs, rather than the outdated functional hierarchies. The training associated with this new discipline shows how it affects management of staff, the different roles and responsibilities in the process and most significantly highlights how improvements to processes are identified, measured and achieved.

Business processes may be divided into core activities (those that take market opportunities and convert them into income) and support activities (those which enable the core to operate and be effective). The success of MCG consultants in this area of activity has been demonstrated in major companies in the Middle East and UK. The use of process management and organisation change to obtain improved performance and a more committed workforce is well documented in International management publications