Human Resource Management Services

Since its inception MCG has led the field in providing education, training and development programmes across a broad spectrum of business activities. The Group is recognised globally for the provision of high quality services to individuals and businesses in the areas of recruitment, testing, administration of employment conditions, salaries and benefits. It has provided training for multiple operational tasks and vocational disciplines, personal development programmes for technicians, supervisors and managers and advised on the assessment and continuing career and professional development of senior managers and executives.

To equip staff and organisations for the constantly changing needs of commerce and industry; privatisation, liberalisation, competition and globalisation, the Group has worked with national and international businesses in organisation and process re-engineering, corporate strategy, organisation structure and change and the leadership skills required for implementation.

The new business environment has identified a requirement for more varied methods of staff employment. Our consultants are skilled in the design, planning and implementation of new processes for business improvement through effective staff management and the introduction of interim and contract employment.

MCG consultants specialise in the following disciplines and provide the necessary training and development to support them: