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Dear  (Name)


Thank you for wishing to join the MCG Administration in support of a range of Professional programmes offered through Distance Learning. I am pleased to accept your contribution in rendering professional services on a consultancy basis as an independent contractor and not as an employee.


Your services will be required on an occasional basis and your hours of involvement, rate and method of professional charge will be those arranged by MCG during each period of consultancy.


There are no conditions attached to this consultancy arrangement to the extent it may create an employment relationship. This contract shall not establish any rights to you as an administrator under the local labour laws and your involvement shall be on a consultancy basis.


MCG observes the UK Data Protection Act of 1998, protecting the confidentiality of information about individuals. As an independent contractor you will be expected to abide by this Act and in acceptance of this all data collected during the tenure of the contract will be deleted from the independent contractors PC on conclusion of the contract period.  


MCG has the right to terminate the independent contractor’s agreement at any time if defined standards are not being maintained. Independent contractors may not contact any enquirers after the termination of the agreement


If you wish to accept this arrangement, please sign and send by return of post. If you have any queries about this letter, please contact MCG at the above address.


Yours sincerely



Ashok Bhatia



                        I agree to the above conditions.  Signature. ……………………………