About MCG

A dynamic international consultancy with offices and associates in the UK, US, India, UAE and across the European Community. MCG was established in Bahrain in 1979 to provide education and training across a broad spectrum of business disciplines, initially focussing on IT business systems and training. Since then it has been at the forefront of the development of programmes and courses leading to internationally recognised professional and academic qualifications.  

As a successful business, MCG changed in line with market trends by enlarging the scope of its operations, initially throughout the Middle East and then worldwide. Good market research, in depth knowledge of the business scene, flexibility and quality of services are the hallmarks of its success and reputation. The dedication of the Group in developing people for changing business demands in a global environment, led to the development of the organisation into other business units. These are:    

  • International Management Consultancy Services including
  • Human Resource Management Services
  • Information Systems & Services  
  • Education and Learning Services  (Educational and Professional Qualifications)

The Future

The present volatile economic, social and business environment has forced organisations and businesses to focus on performance in every sector. They are investing significant resources to review their performance measurement, performance management and performance improvement systems to enable them to plan for improved business performance. The other area of immediate concern is the need for an effective information management security system associated with the ability to provide speedy corrective measures when necessary.  

In recognising these needs MCG is at the forefront of consultancy thinking, focussing its considerable international resources on the global business arena to provide analytical, consultancy, advisory, educational and training services to all sectors. MCG is stakeholder driven in partnership with client managers to ensure agreement and support for recommended change. It believes that an holistic approach is critical to success. This eliminates the dangers inherent in providing selective solutions in one area of a business which usually create long term problems elsewhere. MCG is totally committed to supporting self managed change efforts throughout the project implementation phase by carefully monitoring the benefits accruing as a result of recommendations.   

The vision of the Group has always been, that individual and business success is assured through dedicated learning, education, development and training and is the key to the success and constant improvement of all people, business and nations.

Our Vision, Mission & Purpose as Consultants

To make a significant impact on the client organisation by working in partnership with management to agree methods, process and procedure changes to support long term growth.

To enable clients to achieve sustained organisation change faster and more effectively by working with the decision makers in obtaining staff commitment to the agreed process changes.

To provide all corporate clients and interested individuals with access to state of the art international business information, methods and theories.  

To promote and provide specialist system and programme knowledge and continuing career and professional development through E-learning courses.

Our Approach to Consulting

MCG specialises in helping clients help themselves. They enable Executives to accurately define corporate strategies, communicate these strategies to staff and build more effective organisations to implement them for a more exciting and successful future. MCG consultants work directly with clients to achieve significant business development and contribute to better results.

MCG believes that companies are much more likely to achieve successful business change by being part of joint client-consultant teams and utilising a unique, holistic approach to address strategic, operational, management systems and organisation effectiveness challenges simultaneously. 

The broad industrial and commercial expertise of the individual consultants combined with the specialist groups formed for larger tasks and our strong faculty affiliations with University and professional institutes provide our clients with international access to leading edge business practices and thinking.

Our Satisfaction of your Future Needs 

MCG understands the economic, social and strategic changes occurring in the global market place. To be successful in this new business environment we constantly emphasise the opportunities these changes present to company executives and management. Our consultants work with them to analyse problems, identify needs and design, agree and implement innovative solutions. The new global trading requirements, associated with WTO membership, has forced organisations to change operating methods, processes and procedures, introduce new systems and train and develop staff to operate the new systems quickly. To achieve these changes successfully, new processes to measure and manage performance are necessary so that improvement may be recognised and rewarded.  

Our international consultants specialise in many disciplines. The projects completed by MCG consultants during this period of volatile change confirms that most organisations are focussing their efforts on the following specific areas:   

  • Strategic Planning & Business Strategy Development
  • Performance Management Systems for Business Improvement
  • Process Re-engineering
  • Business Process Management for Improvement
  • Organisation Restructuring for Sustainable Change  

Consultants incorporate HRM and IS solutions with each project together with the necessary training and development.