Performance Management Systems for Business Improvement

The global emphasis on business improvement has placed increasing demands on the Performance Management Systems (PMS) of organisations. To be effective the PMS is dependent on a well designed and administered data system which uses agreed and understood effective Capacity Management techniques. These incorporate Workload Forecasts, Capacity Plans, Performance Monitoring through agreed Indicators and Service Level Agreements (SLA) reported on regularly. Effectiveness is dependent on complete performance reporting upwards as many results are dependent or affected by the results of others that must be recognised by SLA’s.  

MCG consultants have a wealth of experience in this field having completed the design and implementation of P M Systems in the UK, France and the Middle East. In every case, the participation of senior managers in the design process was essential. The subsequent training and development of these senior managers in Effective Performance Management, Leadership and Performance Improvement and the training of all other managers in Leadership, Performance Measurement and Performance Improvement was critical to the success of the projects. The integrated IT systems used reflected state-of-the-art technology in five cases but utilised already installed systems, carefully restructured in other cases. This was the specific client requirement and MCG achieved the clients more limited objective successfully.