Process Re-engineering 

Processes are the mechanism by which strategy is implemented. They are many and varied and are the day-to-day operations of staff. They reflect the total work structure of the organisation and reinforce the organisation change by converting resources into outcomes. MCG proposes the concept that each time the strategy changes, so does the associated processes, resources and results. The successful use of business processes as the vehicle for achieving strategic objectives requires the initial understanding of how to operate the business in a different way. This involves clearly defined workflows, measured objectives for planned development and improvement. Process management requires clear corporate objectives cascaded down to all levels through Key Performance Indicators and the results to be achieved by staff identified through agreed process metrics. The deep embedding of these processes in an integrated management system is critical for business success.  

MCG has successfully used this method of Process Re-engineering to change organisations from monopolist entities to competitive businesses in line with WTO requirements on competition. Its consultants have used the same methods to increase production by the use of technology whilst maintaining the same staff levels, or by downsizing a workforce in economic turbulence to reduce costs. MCG‘s approach to business improvement is reflected in these process re-engineering projects.