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Short courses which may be run by MCG for corporate clients

The current MCG prospectus includes the following short Courses, Seminars and Workshops. They may be completed as open sessions throughout the year in different locations and are also recommended and utilised as integral elements of our core consultancy projects.

  • Information Systems Management
  • Turnkey System Solutions
  • Business Process System Project Management
  • ERP Consultancy
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Workflow Management
  • Systems Integration
  • Web Technology
  • Web Design and Management
  • E- Commerce / E- Business / E- Procurement and E- Billing
  • E-Business and Value-Added Systems
  • E- Learning  
  • Job Analysis, Profiling & Advertisement.
  • Assessment, Psychometric Testing & Interviewing / Selection Skills
  • Benefits, Remuneration & Employment Contracts
  • Performance Management Systems
  • Key Performance Indicators cascaded from Corporate Objectives
  • Measurement & Reward for Performance Improvement
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Personal Development Programmes
  • Succession Planning & Organisation Development
  • Leadership
  • Supervisory and Management Development
  • Project Management
  • Negotiation Skills
  • E- HR Solutions
  • International Consultancy Management  
  • Business Process Re-engineering & Improvement
  • Organisation Change Management
  • Organisation Restructuring
  • The Executive Role in Organisation Change
  • Counselling & Mentoing Senior Executives
  • Business Strategy Development
  • Strategic Planning  
  • Consultancy Skills Workshop
  • Sarbannes Oxley Act/ Trading with USA

  Specialised training in selective sectors, disciplines & operational subjects can also be arranged.