Strategic Planning & Business Strategy Development 

The volatility in the global marketplace is having a profound effect on all aspects of regional business and in local environments. Strategic planning has assumed greater importance in ensuring that all parts of the business have related and dependent objectives to achieve the corporate goal. The Business Strategy required to support a strategic plan and the development of related operational processes, effective performance measurement and business improvement are the key to future success in an increasingly competitive world.

MCG management consultants are ideally positioned to assist companies to plan and develop business strategies to achieve their objectives in this new volatile market. Their efforts are supplemented by e-Learning advisors, mentors and counsellors, providing help and guidance to organisations and employees in the study of business at all levels. They can obtain state-of-the-art knowledge and international business information through professional Institutions.  

This combined approach to company strategic planning by MCG consultants has the advantage of agreeing a living programme of aims and objectives cascading down from the corporate requirements of the Board of Directors or Principal. Detail is agreed as a result of careful research, analysis and discussion with key organisation stakeholders. 

A clear Corporate strategy is critical and must be communicated to all. Management must be seen to have a strategic plan and use it to develop and lead the business towards the levels of success defined by the Board.  It involves: 

  • ensuring that strategic efforts in all departments have a market focus.
  • having a clear understanding of company economics.  
  • providing focused and inspirational leadership.
  • installing and adhering to effective performance measurement systems.  
  • rewarding individual and team performance improvement.  
  • forming strategic alliances and outsourcing to widen the resources available.
  • continuously developing and communicating the strategy to staff.
  • encouraging the continuous development of careers and professional skills