Dr John F O’Callaghan

John has consulted in the areas of organization development, change management, management services, corporate strategy, human resource strategy and human resource management and development for over 25 years. He has provided consulting services to a wide number of organizations in the private and public sectors and is known to be on the one hand, a creative thinker and visionary, while on the other, practical with significant hands-on experience.

He has worked with organizations in the domestic, international and global arenas to establish Corporate and HR strategic solutions. He has established several HR Planning and HR Development models and implemented them for companies in the Steel, Food, Aluminium, Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries and has also worked with companies in designing, developing and implementing their PC and network based systems in support of corporate strategies, HR Planning and Development, Leadership, Management Development and cross-cultural management frameworks.

As a line manager and consultant, John has worked and with executives, managers and consultants from Joint Venture and Blue-Chip organizations such as Aluminium Bahrain, Atos Origin, Bechtel, Booz Allen & Hamilton, bp, Corus, Dow Chemical Company, EQUATE, Exxon, Hay, Mobil, Lyons Tetley, Occidental, Qatar Petroleum, SAP AG, Shell, TOTAL, and the Union Carbide Company. 

John received his PhD from the University of Wales in 1972, specializing in “Elastohydrodynamic Lubrication” and obtained his first class Honours degree in Mechanical engineering also from the University of Wales. He has published several articles in “Professional Engineering” focusing on PC-based vocational training, career development and competency development solutions. He is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and Management Services respectively and is a past Fellow of the Institute of Mechanical Engineers and Chartered Engineer.