John Davies

John is a highly effective Interim and Project manager with considerable experience of managing key customer facing functions. He recognises that effective capacity management techniques depend upon a thorough understanding of the business need and that technical IT skills alone are insufficient. An holistic approach with close working relationships across the whole organisation are essential. His use of this approach has dramatically improved profitability and operational performance in bespoke solutions for numerous corporate organisations and SME's. 

Throughout a career in banking John has utilized his IT skills and competence to specialise in Computer Capacity Management, incorporating Capacity Planning, Performance Monitoring, Workload Forecasting and Costing (both charge-back and budgeting). Much of his work has been innovative. His consulting experience has included IT strategic studies covering a variety of capacity management issues, including Product Evaluation and Implementation, Decommissioning mainframe systems, Risk Analysis and Service Level Agreements. In recent years, this work has been primarily in the Mobile Telecommunications environment. He has multi-platform experience, including Compaq, DEC, HP, IBM, ICL, Tandem and Unisys.