Kishore Mandavia 

Kishore is a specialist senior consultant in the international financial services sector. He qualified at the University of London in Mathematics, Statistics & Computer Sciences and developed his specialist disciplines of Finance and Strategic Management through a Masters degree from Henley Management College. His career has focused on the development of IT within banking processes and operations across a broad spectrum of financial products including investment and private banking. He has completed numerous successful international assignments within ‘blue chip’ organizations. Kishore has used his strong leadership and strategic planning skills to advantage in managing a number of business process re-engineering projects in the financial sector.

In his extensive global business career, Kishore has developed strong entrepreneurial skills and an excellent understanding of the behaviour of different market segments, diverse work cultures and multi-ethnic workforces. In his consultancy role he quickly establishes a good rapport with clients and operational management and is able to work successfully at all levels in organisations. As a business adviser he is always conscious of the clients need for firm financial control, the achievement of business targets and company profitability.