Philip Brierley

Philip is a development specialist who has a wealth of experience managing multi-disciplinary projects and operations with multi-cultural teams. A Chartered electrical and mechanical engineer, his interest in IT led him to undertake his doctorate in process automation and to be appointed as the country manager for the automation services business of a major American company. Since then his business and IT skills have been used by many organisations to make better use of their information resources, upgrade their performance and meet the challenges of competition.  

As an experienced consultant his diversity combined with analytical and problem solving skills were well demonstrated in the preparation of BT's first group IT strategy. His leadership and application of the new e-Business tools contributed to the development of one of the earliest Internets. His work with BT led to involvement in several countries in the preparation of their telecommunications sectors for privatisation and liberalisation as a result of WTO requirements and the loss of monopoly trading conditions. He has had extensive experience in helping MNCs and SMEs improve their return on capital and customer satisfaction.

Philip's programme management approach is to use evolution planning to ensure client participation in the business process analysis and change, establish key business objectives and measure final project delivery against planned targets. His personal interest in the development of people and organisations by coaching and example has made mentoring and counselling the key features of his project management roles. He is the chairman of the professional review panels for the British Computer Society in the Middle East, has taught systems technology at undergraduate level with the Open University and acted as mentor for the IT module of a UK University MBA.