Ros Vickers 

Ros is a well qualified and experienced Business Change Consultant who has demonstrated her extensive knowledge of systems at corporate and operational levels internationally. Her skills and expertise in identifying business needs and opportunities for improving processes, procedures and information systems are key factors in her success. An excellent communicator, Ros has strong interpersonal and presentation skills which enable her to develop an early rapport and enduring relationships at all levels in client organisations. 

As an enabler, Ros specialises in skills transfer and teamwork as essential components of successful Change Management. She has set up, trained, and facilitated multi level user groups in companies in all aspects of Process and Data Management. Her enthusiasm and practical approach has enabled her to develop and implement Structured Analysis techniques to produce a detailed process and data model for core areas of business. 

She has managed internal and external groups determining and developing national and international Process Management systems across diverse market sectors. This has involved extensive research and the development of suitable Business Process models to determine and record current practice, analyse future needs and objectives and prepare process change programmes.