Meet our Consultants


Barry Watson

  IT Strategic Development

Project Management

Service Level Agreements

Business Process Management


Barry Cooper

Purchasing and Supply Chain Management

Gamal Labib

IT Security Consultant

IT Services Planning & Project Management

Jack Knight 

Sales Management

Supply Chain Management

Project Management


John Aldred

Security Management

Risk Management

Information Security Management

Project  Management


John Davies

IT Capacity Management

Project Management / Troubleshooting

Skills Transfer / Training


John O’Callaghan

Organisation Change / Development

Human Resource Management

Business Process Improvement

Leadership / Staff Development


Kishore Mandavia

Business Process Engineering

Organisation Change
Financial Troubleshooting Projects
Interim Management

Nic Willamson 

Innovation in Manufacture

Improved Team & Technical Performance
Business Process Troubleshooting
Project & Change Management

Philip Brierley 
Project and IT Strategy Management
Business Process Management & Change
Process Automation
Information Systems Management

Philip Norris

Business Project Management

Finance  Management

Skills Transfer / Mentoring 

Roger Stanley

Quality Management Systems

Information Security Management

Product Marketing

Customer Care


Ros Vickers

Process Management

 Data Management

 Skills Transfer / Mentoring